Below are a selection of links to pages that I have found useful and to dancers who inspire me. I am in no way affiliated to any of the following merchants, I just like their business or what they offer. Enjoy!

Bellydance General Info:

Belly Dance Home Page: lots of good links and articles about bellydance, history, politics, etc.

The Art of Middle Eastern Dance: Shira’s site. A MUST SEE!! SO MUCH INFO!!

Joy of Belly Dancing: Yasmina’s site, has good info about costuming and instruments

International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (IAMED): L.A scene; offers well-produced photos and videos of productions, galas, and instruction

MEDCA: A wonderful resource to find teachers, musicians, etc. around the USA Middle Eastern Dance & Culture Association (MEDCA): GREAT--so much information here on the cultures of the Near and Middle East

Saqra: Great costume info page and links to Pacific Northwest dance events (see SWAP links and calendar)

Bhuz: A great way to stay connected to the pulse of bellydance, great SWAP page for used costumes

Museum of Middle Eastern Dance: history, pictures, information on the roots of belly dance


Bella Costumes: The best. Need I say more?

The Bellydance Store ( Wonderful selection of high-end costumes

Legend Costumes: Also the best.

Bellydance Classifieds: a great site for buying and selling used items

Bellydance Store: a great site for mid-end costumes like Sahar Okasha, Eman Zaki, Raqia Hassan, Mumtaz, and More!

Dahlal Internationale: Turkish and Egyptian; expensive high-end, good quality costumes; check the sale rack for good bargains

Turquoise International: mostly Egyptian; they have a great selection of quality Egyptian fringe, also sell props

The Costume Goddess: Dina Lydia’s site; has TONS of how-to costume construction information


Props and Music:

Saroyan Zils: Excellent zils (finger cymbals aka zagat); has other props available also

Maqam: AWESOME! Everything you could ever want; CD’s, musical instruments (incl. drums), videos, and more

Maqam World: Everything you could want to know about playing middle eastern instruments - a free educational website.

Khafif: great site for learning to play instruments/drums, has detailed instruction for beginners

Arab Instruments: Pricey, but VERY good quality Arabic instruments (including drums)

Akai Silks: luscious silk veils, double veils, poi veil sets, veil fans, and more!

Dancers who Inspire Me:

Bozenka: a beautiful international star who has taught me a lot about less-is-more.

Tamalyn Dallal: one of my first teachers, and one I learned the most from. What a gem!

Astryd Farah deMichele: One of my first inspirations who has gone on to be the jewel of Dubai.

Hadia: Not just an amazing bellydancer, but a fitness guru to boot, Hadia has it all!

Ranya Renee: Anytime I need inspiration on how to be cheeky and fun, I look to Ranya.

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