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As a performer and teacher, Anwar Asad merges Egyptian and American technique, incorporating finger cymbals, veil, double veil, floor work, cane, sword, wings of Isis, shamadan, and fire into her dance, as well as Turkish and Greek styles.

Anwar has taught bellydance since 2003 at colleges and universities, yoga centers, wellness centers, and latin dance studios throughout the USA. She is currently teaching classes and lessons in the greater Seattle, Washington area.

Anwar has a strong background in classical music, musicology, Eurythmics movement technique, music history, theory and rhythm, yoga, meditation, nutrition, physiology, and naturopathic medicine. She has studied yoga since 1997, and is knowledgeable in postures, breath, alignment, and guided meditation, which she incorporates into her teaching. She has studied with the top dancers on the scene today, including Riskallah Riyadh, Astryd Farah deMichele, Yousry and Nourhan Sharif, Tamalyn Dallal, Nadira of Seattle, Morocco, Hadia, Karim Nagi, Amel Tafsout, Rania Renee, and Kay Hardy Campbell.

Anwar is  currently available for small-group or individual lessons and workshops from her home studio in the Ballard area of Seattle, WA. She is not currently teaching classes.

Individual instruction (or duos): $60 per person per hour

Small group instruction (3 + people): $45 per person per hour

Anwar Asad is available to teach workshops (1.5-2hrs) on many topics, up to 3 workshops in a day, please contact Anwar for rates.

Examples of workshop topics:

  1. Veil 1: Introduction to veil technique

  2. Veil 2: Incorporating veil into your dance

  3. Veil 3: Intensifying your veil performance

  4. Veil 4: Double veil technique

  5. Sagat (cymbals) 1: basic technique and rhythms

  6. Sagat 2: incorporating sagat into your dance

  7. Sagat 3: Intensifying your sagat performance

  8. Assaya (cane) 1: introduction to assaya technique

  9. Assaya 2: Incorporating assaya into your dance

  10. Assaya 3: Intensifying your assaya performance

  11. Fire 1: Shamadan (candelabra) technique

  12. Fire 2: tray of candles technique

  13. Sword 1: Introduction to balancing and dancing with weapons

  14. Sword 2: Intensifying your sword performance

  15. Yoga and Strengthening for Bellydancers

  16. Introduction to Middle Eastern Rhythms for Bellydancers

  17. Exciting Entrances and Exits

  18. Expressive Arms and Hands

  19. Defining Hip Technique

  20. Makeup and Hair for Bellydancers

  21. Costume making how-to and tips for dancers

  22. Exciting Drum Solo

  23. Sensual Floor Work

  24. Saiidi Styling